Biostimulation Mesotherapy Peptides For Hair Loss

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Mesotherapy is a unique treatment procedure that targets problem areas in the mesoderm of the scalp with non-surgical microinjections of different biologically active substances which then stimulate hair growth. This latter process is known as biostimulation and the combination of active substances and nutrient rich liquid are referred to as cocktails. This process stimulates growth factors in the scalp of the patient suffering from balding or those wanting to prevent hair loss.

Biostimulation Mesotherapy often requires a minimum of eight sessions, each of which lasts approximately half an hour. No recovery period is necessary, but your scalp will be assessed between each treatment session.

Mesotherapy for hair loss is an excellent, non-invasive procedure with measurable results. The bio stimulating nutrient boosters are effective in the:

●     Promotion of cell metabolism

●     Elimination of infections

●     Reduction of hair loss

●     Promotion and acceleration of hair growth

●     And the improvement of blood circulation in the scalp without side effects.

The formulation of the treatment substances or cocktails that are injected during the therapy depend on the underlying cause of the patient’s hair loss. Before starting this treatment, the clinician will first determine the cause of your hair loss, conduct an evaluation of the follicles, hair and scalp along with a biopsy or blood test.

Indications for Biostimulation Mesotherapy include:

●     Hair loss

●     Spot baldness (alopecia areata)

●     Age related hair loss (androgenic alopecia)

●     Stressed hair secondary to illness, general anaesthesia and pregnancy.

Contraindications include:

●     Allergies

●     Pregnancy

●     Breast-feeding

●     Neoplastic diseases

●     Inflammatory lesions

●     Therapy with anticoagulant drugs

●     Diabetes

●     Skin inflammation and abscesses

●     Herpes.

Results include:

Stronger hair resulting from better nourishment of the scalp and hair bulbs making the hair stronger and healthier.

Reduced hair loss as the hair recovers missing nutrients and components, thereby preventing premature or additional hair loss.

Hair regrowth secondary to the increased metabolism making the hair grow thicker and faster.

Cocktails (biostimulant solutions):

Selection of preparations and growth factors depend on the desired effects and underlying causes of hair loss. Typically the cocktail administered during mesotherapy includes such bioactive nutrients like vitamins, zinc, nucleic acids, coenzymes and amino acids or peptides and growth factors. Medicinal injections may also include platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood and stem cells extracted from adipose tissue.


Biostimulation Mesotherapy does not leave any scars or noticeable marks. However some patients may experience mild bruising after mesotherapy which usually disappears within 5–7 days.

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