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Known in the scientific world under the name LIPODISTROFIA GINOIDE, cellulitis is the imperfection more common female, affecting about 90% of women.
It is not a condition strictly related to weight gain, but to a situation of altered localized metabolism at the level of subcutaneous tissue, however a weight increase is from mention among the possible favoring factors.
At the level of hypodermis, or subcutaneous tissue, they physiologically reside cells fat. Genetic and hormonal causes, and some predisposing factors such as sex, race and age, favor an excessive growth of adipocytes, which obstruct the microcirculation, determining localized inflammation. The cause of localized water retention is precisely this inflammation
level of intercellular spaces.


  • SEX: the female sex is extremely more affected
    compared to the male sex
  • ETHNICITY: the Caucasian (white) race seems to be
    more affected
  • HORMONES: among the most relevant factors there is undoubtedly the role played by female sex hormones, in particular estrogens that have the ability to influence
    negatively the microcirculation stimulating the water retention formation
  • AGE: the elderly subjects, due to the physiological aging
    cells they are more interested in cellulite
  • Sedentary life
  • poor diet
  • incorrect hydration
  • alcohol abuse
  • tabagic habit
  • postural problems
  • bad habits: tight jeans, constrictive socks and high heel

Depending on the time of onset it is possible to perform a staging according to the “gravity” imperfection.

EDEMATOUS CELLULITIS: associated with poor lymphatic circulation and venous insufficiency. It is present with spongy bulges that mainly affect the ankles, buttocks and pelvis.

FLACID CELLULITE: more common in middle-aged people with reduced tone muscle. It comes in the form of nodules especially in the inner areas of the thighs and arms.

COMPACT CELLULITE: It is hard to touch, can be painful and give rise to the appearance of stretch marks

Carboxytherapy, with action on the arterial microcirculation, the vasotrophic mesotherapy, the techniques of lymphatic and circulatory drainage (pressure therapy), some medical devices (cavitation, radiofrequency,cryolipolysis, cold plasma, laser) find their own rational location with appreciable clinical effects but ‘unable to close the vicious circle.
Follow a not too acidifying diet and the use of supplements
vasoprotectors and venotonics.

Physical activity plays a preventive role or can be effective if implemented in the early stages.
Physical activity aimed at improving the imperfections of cellulite must have the stimulus as a prerequisite circulation and must not produce too much lactic acid. Activities like spinning are not
particularly indicated because, due to the posture taken, a physiological return is prevented venous. For the same reason, the horizontal-style exercise bike is preferred over the classic exercise bike vertical. Anti-gravitational sports, such as those carried out in the water, or a type of are more suitable training that involves distant muscle groups, alternating with cardio-type exercises.

they must tend to have a higher number of repetitions.
It is very useful, at the end of training, to practice an exercise aimed at favoring the venous outflow: spread out on the floor with your back on the ground and legs raised, resting your feet on the wall and performing light pushes with the feet.


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