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Nutrigenomics is the science that studies the effects of food on gene expression, ie on how the information contained in the DNA is transformed into proteins that exert a biological action within our cells. In fact, food is able to modulate the way in which DNA takes shape

It “expresses”, that is, how it activates some genes and suppresses others, how it repairs itself and therefore how influences the genesis of pathologies.

The fundamental principle of this science is that everything you eat carries messages to your body; these universal messages, so deciphered basically analogous in all of us, can help make you sick,
instead, help you stay in health. It all depends on one complex network of passing signals from food to genes and from these to the centers of regulation of our body.


The classical view of the genetic code as static information that is limited to determining the hereditary characteristics is extremely reductive. In fact, genes control the flow of information that regulates every aspect of the brain, moment by moment our biochemistry and physiology. They regulate the production of enzymes, the formation of muscles and bones, determine the number of hormones that circulate in the blood and reach the tissues, modulate the action of neurotransmitters in the brain and the characteristics of our metabolism.

To do this, genes in turn need information from the outside world. This interaction between information coming from outside and information contained in the genes makes it possible adjust what is called gene expression, ie the level of activity of the genes and therefore the how the information contained in it is used.
Specifically, “gene expression” means the process by which information is conveyed contained in the genes is used to produce a specific biological action: in most cases, protein synthesis. It is nothing but the process that allows to pass from the genotype,
the set of individual information contained in the DNA, to the phenotype, the manifest product of such information, a set of observable characteristics of an individual.

One of the richest sources of information, able to regulate the expression of our genes, is just the food. The molecular information contained in it, through the interaction with the genome is able to regulate the metabolism, make us lose weight or gain weight, make us sick or keep us in good health.
Metabolic regulation, in particular, is a complex and delicate process that requires one constant supply of nutrients, vitamins and regulation substances of which modern nutrition is lacking and whose effects are the basis of today’s chronic degenerative pathologies. The phenomenon has been called long-latency deficiency disease, or “chronic deficiency diseases”.
However, nutrigenomics today is bringing to light a truly curative effect of foods e of nutrients that, if taken at appropriate dosages, can contribute to better management of numerous pathologies. All this shows that we need a real nutritional re-education in
whose old clichés are abandoned to be replaced by a culture of nutrition which is based on the most recent scientific evidence.


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