Ladies – Is Low Hip Mobility Causing Your Back Pain, Bad Posture And Preventing You From Developing The Booty You Desire?

Your hips do a lot. They support your body, work repeatedly as you walk and run, and help you dance the night away if you so choose. Unfortunately your hips are not indestructible and over time you may experience hip pain caused by a variety of reasons including:

  1. Prolonged Sitting – Sitting for extended periods causes your glutes to weaken and your hip flexors to shorten and tighten. Over time this results in increased tightness and lack of mobility. Your lumbar spine (lower back) is designed to support and stabilize from the standing position not sitting bent over your desk for eight hours each day.


  1. A Weak Core – Your hips are directly linked to your lumbar spine, they work as a team to hold you upright, but also to squat and move upward from that squat position. Your abdominals and core provide the muscle to make all of this stability and movement possible. If your abs are weak and back muscles stronger (or weak back and stronger abs), the resulting imbalance will cause problems in both your hips and lumbar spine.


  1. Poor Posture – Weak hamstrings, obliques, and glutes cause your pelvis to tilt forward which shortens your hip flexor muscles. Restricted movement in your hips causes poor posture and pain, while poor posture also causes decreased hip mobility and lower back pain.


  1. Tight Hip Flexors – The combination of shortening muscles along the front and sides of your hip joints and a lack of stretching can lead to a number of hip deficits. This lack of flexibility results in tight hips, again ruining your posture and causing back pain. Short, tight hip muscles reduce your range of motion throughout the hip joint, further weakening your glutes, tilting your pelvis and causing excessive curvature in your spine. A program of lower body stretches can loosen tight hips and relieve back pain.

All of the above factors contribute to your low hip mobility and prevent your hips from moving through their complete range of motion. This decreased mobility is also preventing you from making gains in your training. To build that great, strong and beautifully curved booty, you need to squat, deep squats and lunges. Restoring hip mobility through exercise and stretching, core training and reducing the total time you spend sitting will allow you to properly squat safely and without injury, providing the movement you need to train your hips, glutes and thighs to build that booty!


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