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The Secret Of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started – How Baby Steps Will Help You Reach Your Goal And Shape Your Body And Life


The search for the secret to success has intrigued mankind for centuries, then, during the late 1800s, Mark Twain published his personal interpretation:


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, then starting on the first one”.


The secret of getting ahead is getting started. It’s easy to dream, dream about happiness, money, fast cars, or a slim beach ready body. But the difference between dreamers and doers is that doers take action. Successful people take that first step, then another and another, until they reach their goal. Baby steps.


Dreams are easy, reality, not so much so. Successful people dream big, so should you. But what steps can you take to turn those dreams into reality?


  • Write it down. A dream is only a dream until you write it down. Once you put it on paper, your dream becomes a goal. Now commit to accomplishing your goal, make copies and post it on your refrigerator


  • Break it down. The second part of Twain’s advice: The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks. For example, your dream is to run a marathon. You’ve written it down, it’s now a goal and now it’s time for planning the steps you need to accomplish to achieve your goal. Turn complexity into simplicity. Examples might include:


  1. Select running shoes.
  2. Locate training course.
  3. Develop training calendar.
  4. Run one mile.
  5. Run two miles.
  6. Run 5K.
  7. Train, enter and run a 5K race.
  8. Train, enter and run a 10K race…


  • Set a time limit. When do you want to run this marathon? Next month? Six months? This time next year? Your time limit should be realistic, achievable yet challenging.


  • Celebrate your success. To reinforce your commitment and accomplishments, reward your successes on the way to accomplishing that big goal.


When setting your goals (turning dreams into reality) there are five proven steps to goal setting that will greatly increase the odds of you reaching your goal:


  1. Your goal must be specific, realistic and achievable. “I want to lose weight” is not specific, “I will lose 20 pounds” is specific, realistic and achievable.
  2. Your goal must have a specific time limit in which to achieve your goal. “I will lose 20 pounds in six weeks.
  3. Your goal must be written. This confirms commitment and is the first step of converting a dream into a goal, then a reality. Post one on your ‘fridge door.
  4. You must develop a written plan to achieve your goal. A detailed step by step plan, the baby steps necessary to achieve your goal. “I will exercise 3 times a week and eliminate added sugar from my diet in order to lose 20 pounds”.
  5. You must determine what you are willing to sacrifice and understand your underlying motivation/reward. “I will give up my daily frappuccino and donut in order to lose 20 pounds in six weeks and look great in my new clothes at my High School reunion.


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