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Your hair is made of protein and anything that helps to increase the production of proteins will help grow hair back – that includes B-6, biotin, Inositol, folic acid, beta-carotene, magnesium, sulfur and zinc.

Zinc is considered a trace mineral. It helps build your body’s immune system and has a very important role in a number of bodily functions such as in protein synthesis, cell reproduction, hormonal balance, carbon dioxide transport, tissue growth and repair, and absorption of vitamins. These processes are vital for hair growth thus adequate zinc supply is crucial to prevent hair loss.

Zinc helps your body (and hair) by increasing the proteins you need that affect the health of your hair, skin and nails. When you suffer from zinc deficiency your hair does not continue to grow and may fall out. Zinc helps to create a balanced support system by working along with several of the proteins that you have in the body. It is important that the nutrients which the body requires stay in proper balance.

Zinc deficiency may also cause problems with your scalp as well as contributing to a loss of hair. Nutrient deficiency may be irritating the scalp and making it dry and flaky. Zinc is known to also help prevent hair color changing to gray. It is so effective that it can even help reverse the process of hair thinning, baldness or graying if zinc is taken in the right quantity.

Zinc deficiency weakens your hair shafts leading to breaking and slow hair regrowth. To little zinc promotes the performance of oil-secreting glands that are attached to your hair follicles, increasing the likelihood of shedding. While we normally shed around fifty to a hundred strands of hair per day, zinc deficiency may cause more hair to fall than normal and regrowth might be slower than the average rate. However, your body does not naturally produce zinc so we are reliant on what we eat and take for replacement.

Zinc consumption may help in keep your hair fuller and healthier. Zinc is a natural dihydrotestosterone (DHT) inhibitor. DHT is the hair loss inducing hormone. Zinc supplements are often used to counter zinc deficiency. Fighting thinning hair and baldness can be among the secondary uses.

When exploring zinc supplements, consider ZMB6 an essential mineral/vitamin combination providing Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. Zinc and Magnesium contribute to normal protein synthesis, to the maintenance of normal bones and have a role in the process of cell division. Vitamin B6 contributes to normal red blood cell formation and to the regulation of hormonal activity. Learn more about ZMB6 here:

Informazioni nutrizionali

per dose giornaliera di 2 capsule

Zinco: 30 mg (300% NRV)
Magnesio: 450 mg (120% NRV)
Vitamina B6: 11 mg (786% NRV)

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